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You’re good at what you do. You know it, and your past customers know it too. But how do you convince people you’ve never met that you’re exactly what they need?  It all comes down to marketing systems, and choosing the best one for your business is what we do best.

How We’ll Get You Started

Get to really know each other

We’re not just another marketing agency. We really get to know your business and help you get to know us so everyone’s on the same page. 

Assign a dedicated marketing manager

You get a dedicated marketing manager only for $97 who will provide consistent communication, customized strategic oversight, problem-solving, and continuous optimization.

Maximize the Return on your Marketing Investment

Your marketing manager will constantly track marketing efforts to ensure you get results and the highest possible ROI on your marketing budget.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your Digital Success Partner

Included in plan:

Consistent Communication & Updates
Regular, transparent updates and open lines of communication to keep you informed and involved.
Customized Strategic Oversight
Tailored guidance and strategy formulation aligned with your unique business goals.
Expert Liaison for All Services
Acting as your primary contact for all services offered by Royal.Marketing, ensuring seamless integration.
Proactive Problem-Solving
Regular, transparent updates and open lines of communication to keep you informed and involved.
Comprehensive Campaign Management
Overseeing all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns for cohesive and effective execution.
Data-Driven Insights & Reporting
Delivering insightful analytics and reports to track progress and refine strategies.
Personalized Attention & Support
Dedicated focus on your account for a more personalized and responsive service experience.
Keeping your strategies up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and industry best practices.
Continuous Optimization
Ongoing review and optimization of strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI.

Dedicated Marketing Manager

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Starting from $97/mo.

Credited back towards any service. 

Check out our client results


increase in website traffic


increase in lead generation

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increase in revenue

Royal marketing solutions to grow your business

Digital Strategy & Planning

Digital Strategy & Planning

Market Analysis & Insights

Understanding your industry landscape to craft strategic approaches.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Personalized planning to meet your business objectives and maximize ROI.

Content & Creative Solutions

Content & Creative Solutions

Copywriting & Content Creation

Engaging, SEO-optimized content that tells your brand’s story.

Graphic Design & Branding

Visually compelling designs that resonate with your brand.

Online Presence Management

Online Presence Management

Website Development & Design

Creating responsive, user-friendly websites that convert visitors into customers.

SEO Optimization

Enhancing your online visibility to attract more traffic organically.

Advertising & Outreach

Advertising & Outreach

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Google Ads

Targeted advertising campaigns designed for maximum impact and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Building your brand presence and engaging with your audience on key social platforms.

Customer Engagement & Retention

Customer Engagement & Retention

Email Marketing Campaigns

Personalized email strategies to nurture leads and retain customers.

CRM Solutions & Automations

Streamlining your customer relationship management to improve engagement and loyalty.

Performance Analysis & Growth

Performance Analysis & Growth

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed insights into your campaigns' performance to inform future strategies.

Continuous Optimization

Regularly refining tactics based on analytics for sustained growth.

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Strategic Customization


Creativity & Innovation

Flexibility & Agility

Partnership Ethos

Royal Marketing

Personable and tailored to fit specific needs.

Results-driven, aiming for tangible outcomes.

Clear, honest pricing with no hidden fees.

Marketing strategies designed for your brand’s unique goals.
Regular, detailed updates and open communication.
Innovative, outside-the-box campaigns.

Flexible and quick to adapt without binding contracts.

Acts as an extension of your team, deeply invested in success.

Other Agencies

Often viewed as just another account.

Sales-oriented, prioritizing service selling.
High pricing strategies with potential hidden costs.
Limited communication and updates.
Generic strategies with little innovation.
Slow to adapt and often tied to contractual lock-ins.
Impersonal client relationships.

In-House Team

Limited by team’s expertise and can be generalized.
May have diverse focuses, not solely on marketing.
Fixed salaries and overhead, less flexibility in costs.
Strategies may not be as tailored or innovative due to internal limitations.
Influenced by in-house dynamics, potentially slower changes.
May lag behind in adopting the latest marketing trends and tools.
Changes can be slow due to internal processes and resistance.
Strong internal team dynamics, but can be insular.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Got questions? We have answers.

Pay $97 and get a marketing guru dedicated to your brand. This cost? It’s on us for any service you pick, like SEO. You invest $97, we invest in your success. Want bigger growth? Let’s talk budget.

Fill out a quick quiz about your business, then book a chat with your new marketing manager. They’re all about making your brand shine.

Think of them as your brand’s best friend. Overseeing all things marketing, they ensure your strategy fits your goals like a glove, coordinating your digital game plan.

It’s all about you. Your marketing manager crafts strategies that fit your brand perfectly, unlike one-size-fits-all services. It’s a closer, more effective way to market.

It’s basically a golden ticket. Spend it on marketing with us, and your dedicated manager’s expertise costs you nothing. If your marketing budget’s over $97, consider their genius on the house.

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Expert Tools and Tactics

We use the latest digital marketing technologies, ensuring we're always ahead of the curve to benefit your business.

Proven Success

Our track record speaks for itself—with numerous businesses thriving thanks to our tailored strategies.

Transparent Partnerships

We work with you, keeping you informed and involved. Our commitment to transparency means you always know where you stand.

Experienced Professionals

Our team brings years of combined expertise in marketing, ensuring we understand your industry inside and out.

Personalized Strategies

Every marketing plan we create is as unique as your projects, designed to meet your specific business goals and market needs.